For Adwords, Google Analytics, Paid Media and eCommerce

A blue and turquoise dashboard with charts and metrics for an AdWords account.
Need help connecting your data? I suggest Supermetrics.

Free templates are my favorite part of Google Data Studio. You can spin up a professional level report with your own data in no time. Here are my 6 favorite free templates covering AdWords, Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook, and others.

Built using Google Data Studio by Josh Cottrell — Live version can be found here.

So you’re on a team that’s trying to be more “data driven” and you’ve been tasked with building an “actionable” dashboard. But, you’re not ready to drop $X,000/month on Looker or Qlik because you’re still figuring out what data to use in the first place. …

Performance dashboards can (and should) be visually engaging. Data is only one part of the equation.

Dark themed dashboard stacked on top of a light themed dashboard with a blue map, bar charts and a donut chart.
One of my free Facebook Ads dashboard using SuperMetrics data

Before we get started:

These articles are not going to please data science purists. If you’re the kind of person that thinks there is never a good place to use a pie chart, then these articles are not for you.

I strongly adhere to the philosophy that great data visualization…

You can copy-paste these templates to re-use in your own marketing dashboards — social media, analytics, paid search, etc.

Coming soon — this is my latest dashboard project powered by Supermetrics

Getting started on Data Studio can take a bit of time. There’s no question that it’s easier to use than most data visualization tools, but there is still a learning curve. I put together this list to help you get started with minimal effort and maximum ‘wow’ factor.

These dashboards…

Designed for Facebook Ads, Google PPC, Analytics, Ecommerce, Google Search Performance and more.

A large dashboard with a map of the world, blue and green line charts, tables and pie charts.
Facebook Ads template I built for the Supermetrics Facebook Data Studio connector

There are tons of free templates available for Data Studio. This post includes 5 exciting options that show off some of its best features.

Data Studio is a free data visualization tool that connects to almost any data source including ad platforms, CRM tools, spreadsheet tools, payment processors, social media platforms, google tools, data warehousing systems & much more. It allows you to build dynamic & actionable dashboards in minutes.

Take a look at…

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Building data-focused products. Startups acquired=1. Hobby = making Google Data Studio & Excel beautiful.

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